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"Picture Perfect" is an honest and practical guide to help you cope with the difficult and pervasive issue of body image.

Studies show that most teen girls struggle with negative feelings about their bodies, which can lead to low self-esteem and eating disorders. In "Picture Perfect: What You Need To Feel Better About Your Body'', girls learn solutions from other girls who have wrestled with and solved their body image problems.

"Picture Perfect'' includes self-quizzes and a concrete formula of coping skills and action plans for dealing with 7 major body image issues: never-ending worries about food and weight, not seeing your own “real beauty”, body type acceptance, perfectionism, teasing, fashion, and being honestly overweight.

"Picture Perfect'' will help you create healthy habits and a healthy perspective so that you'll feel better about your body. "Picture Perfect" also includes a resource section with websites, recipes, books, CDs and quotations that will inspire you to picture yourself as “perfect!”

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"Picture Perfect'' can be ordered on amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. It also can be purchased from the publisher, HCI.


Take a quiz from Picture Perfect at beaconstreetgirls.com -- and also see how other girls feel about their body image.


Dealing With The Stuff

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In the story, "The Wizard of Oz,'' Dorothy's ruby slippers gave her all the power she needed to cope with her difficult situation.  But she had to learn what they were and how to use them.  Had Dorothy known that she could simply click her ruby slippers 3 times and be home in a split second, how much calmer and more confident she would have felt when strange, stressful--and sometimes terrifying--experiences crossed her path on her way to meet The Wizard.

"Dealing With The Stuff That Makes Life Tough'' is for any girl who wants to find her own ruby slippers.   It's for any girl who wants to discover ways to feel calmer inside and cope with life's ups and downs better.   Knowledge is power, and when you know how to calm yourself you have an inner power that no one can take away!

"Dealing With The Stuff That Makes Life Tough'' will show you lots of ways to calm down.   In each chapter, you'll find stories about how 3 girls coped with a particular issue. They include: Body Image; Guys; Depression; Panic Attacks & Anxiety; Smoking, Drinking, Drugs; Over-scheduled Lives; Parents' Divorce; Insomnia; Bullies; Lesbian Teens.  

The true-life stories and solutions in "Dealing With The Stuff That Makes Life Tough'' are taken from the stories I've heard from hundreds of girls over the past 25 years.  

Finding your ruby slippers will give you a sense of well-being.   You'll feel more in control.   You'll feel more confident. You will deal with stress better because you'll feel better from the inside out. I hope that "Dealing With The Stuff That Makes Life Tough'' will help you to make a list of your own special ways to calm down and cope.   And add to it forever!

"Dealing with the Stuff That Makes Life Tough'' can be ordered on amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.


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